Courvoisier Gold

by Jasper Russo

Spirits marketers have no doubt noticed how Moscato has taken the wine world by storm and it seems that Courvoisier has beaten them all to the punch with the release this month of Courvoisier Gold, a Moscato and Cognac liqueur.

Rich amber in color, the nose is redolent of orange zest, lime blossom, honeysuckle, turbinado sugar and vanilla. Pleasantly sweet on the palate it features loads of fresh tropical tangerine, guava and lime fruit flavors, expressive floral notes of jasmine, citrus and ginger, rounded out with layers of crème caramel, honey and sandalwood.           

Silky smooth and supple on the long, spohisticated finish. At only 18% alcohol (36 proof) it comes off as light, clean and elegant. As good as this is by itself, I can easily see this becoming an integral element in the palette of cutting edge mixologists. Should be in stores shortly retailing for around $33.99.

Welcome our newest writer, Jasper Russo who has spent over 30 years as a wine professional in Dallas in all facets of the business including restaurant, retail, wholesale and importing and is a respected wine competition judge. Jasper writes the independent wine blog Mad Palate Skills  and has been the Wine Buyer for Sigel’s Fine Wine and Spirits  for the last 10 years.


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