First Look: East Hampton Sandwich Company

by Steven Doyle

Last week we saw one of the first of what will be a busy and exciting restaurant opening season. East  Hampton Sandwich Company opened its doors to a busier than normal crowd for a sandwich shop, but this is no ordinary sandwich shop, and certainly do not make ordinary sandwiches. We met with the dynamic Hunter Pond prior to the opening of his restaurant.

Before the opening Pond was a bit demure and obviously excited. Yesterday we went into the restaurant for the first time to taste what the young law grad had to offer, and he seemed to have morphed into this formidable host with a slight swagger and charm about him. He was still excited, and for a very good reason. It was 2pm in Snider Plaza and his restaurant was jumping. Each seat was filled with a happy guest.        

The surroundings are peaceful and inviting. The clean lines of the finish-out speak ‘summer home chic’ which plays well for the SMU area tennis brides snapping up salads and sipping crisp white wines.

Hunter asked if we had tried his lobster roll; we hadn’t. But plenty of our readers have, along with some close buddies that raved about the chunky and blissful sandwich. Many emails extoled the virtues of the supple roll filled abundantly with silken morsels of lobster meat, both claw and tail. The faint flavor of drawn butter taunts the giddy tennis brides and they sinfully devour this sandwich.

We ordered the lobster roll along with a handful of other sandwiches including Turkey, Bacon and Avocado, the Hot Cheese and Short Rib, Fried Chicken Jack and something Pond recommended that he sampled for the first time yesterday, a Goat Cheese and Avocado with added bacon. The latter was Pond’s lunchtime invention and he struck gold. The tart goat cheese danced playfully with the avocado, and nothing goes wrong when you add bacon. The smokiness and bite of the Nueske’s bacon made this sandwich a winner.

The true delight of the afternoon was definitely the short rib sandwich. The bread is much thinner than any of the other sandwiches which allows the layers of simmered short rib meat and caramelized onions to meld sweetly. The added pop of the slightly spicy arugula makes the sandwich.

There are so many sandwiches to choose from at East Hampton, and any of them can easily be made into a salad for those watching carbs. The bar offers up some very nice wines and a selection of beer.

We enjoyed our leisurely afternoon at East Hampton, and we are sure you will too.



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