Posh Nosh Adds Charm To Downtown Plano

by Steven Doyle

TK Koen has been in the restaurant business since the 1970’s. He was the original manager for Victoria Station. Chances are during the 80’s he managed one of your favorite night clubs on Greenville Avenue and has run restaurant across the southwest. More recently Koen ran Tailgater’s in Frisco. Now Koen has his own restaurant in downtown Plano called Posh Nosh where he and his partner have taken elements from much of his experience to create a perfect one stop shop for local patrons.  

“We took a look at this neighborhood and saw there was no Starbucks, or Pacuigo, there’s no sandwich shop, so we do all those things. We even do beer and wine to go like a 7-11,” said Koen.

They wanted to do a shop that could fit into neighborhoods easily and be easily recognized as part of the retail landscape. So Posh Nosh sells pretty damned good gourmet sandwiches from their deli case, and also offers complete meals such as lasagna, Thai marinated flank steak, frilled chops and chicken, grilled vegetable plate and so much more. There are generally 25 to 30 items offered each day.

Koen has also partnered up, in a sense, with Virginia Tidwell who owns Mostly Cupcakes. Tidwell was in need of a commercial kitchen to bake her goods, and Koen saw a good fit. Now Tidwell markets her pastries in the shop as well as outside.

Posh Nosh also offers delivery in the immediate area, and soon will expand that service. It is a good spot for a great cup of coffee and to work in the afternoons as they do offer free WiFi. If Koen has his way you will see a Posh Nosh in a neighborhood near you.

Posh Nosh
1032 E. 15th, Plano

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