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Eat Me: Nordstrom’s Crab Mac and Cheese

baz2by Steven Doyle

Most probably do not consider department store dining to be all that exceptional, when in fact we have several hot restaurants tucked away in the back of some of our finer purveyors for skirts and shoes.  We have written about Neiman’s Zodiac more than a few times and they have been treating Dallasites to delicious fare for over 65 years.

Located in NorthPark Center at Nordstrom find a hot little gem called Bazille, which otherwise is known as the grill. There you will find delicious sandwiches, soups, pizzas, roasted fish, steaks and hearty pasta dishes. There are also delicate spa foods to be found for those with lighter appetites.  Continue reading

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Special Wine Tasting Tonight at Jimmy’s


Jimmy’s Food Store will be tasting some great wines from Treasury Wine Estates tonight. Also there will be deep deals on the wines. You don’t want to miss this one.We will also have a large antipasti to go with the wines. So come by and pickup a glass, try some great Italian wine, eat some good food and buy a bunch of wine for the summer.  Continue reading

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The Cupboard: Grab ‘N Go With Tiffany Derry

img_1123by Rhonda Dutton

With almost two dozen apartment living communities within a walkable 5-mile radius, Uptown Urban Market’s food hall was a super smart installation. Master Chef Tiffany Derry has carefully created a Derry-esque blend of grab-and-go options for this upscale food court that perfectly fits the on-the-go-but-on-foot lifestyle of this urban area.   Continue reading

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PB&J’s For Soupmobile Dallas

sand1by Brenna Witt
Taking inspiration from the record-setting Sandwiches for Soupmobile group, our team was organized as an alternative for those who follow a meatless lifestyle. PBJ Sandwiches for Soupmobile meets the first Friday of each month from 7:30-9:00pm at CityScape Apartments to make sandwiches for Dallas area homeless.
Our work is as easy as it is effective. Volunteers are invited to bring supplies from our list:  food prep gloves, ziplock sandwich bags, creamy peanut butter, jam or jelly, and vegan breads like Trader Joes, Sara Lee, Thomas, Cobblestone Mill, and Arnold. We spread the love until supplies run out, and ask for volunteers to take completed sandwiches to Soupmobile on Saturdays.

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Celebrate The Whistle Britches Sandwich at Whistle Britches

deliaby Delia Jo Ramsey

The Whistle Britches Sandwich at (you guessed it) Whistle Britches in Far North Dallas is what happens when a traditional fried chicken sandwich marries a sassy, southern style biscuit.  Continue reading


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Turkey Sandwich at Goodfriend Package Store

goodfriend-package-storeby Steven Lindsey 

If the words “footlong” appear anywhere in the description of a sandwich, chances are high that the processed meat-filled torpedo will never get close enough to my lips to make any regrettable decisions. Instead, I prefer to seek out high-quality sammies that make for memorable, enjoyable experiences rather than mere handheld hunger fixes.   Continue reading

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