First Look: British Beverage Company (Food Photos)

by Steven Doyle

In the former digs where Hully and Mo’s resided in the Dallas Uptown area, The British Beverage Company is nearly open and like most restaurants, it is slightly late to its own party.  Look for a very soft opening tomorrow evening, Thursday, November 1, 2012 with the official opening November 5.

We had the very first official look into the pub and was excited to see so much work went into the finish out, and that it didn’t look like a cheesy British Invasion. There are plenty of muted nods to the mother country, but they are well placed and not over-the-top. 

BBC is the grown up version of Sherlocks, if you will. The company owns 24 restaurants in Texas.

“This is much more upscale as far as the food and décor. This is our first entry into this area. We actually hired a chef de cuisine who was working at the Anatole Hotel, Jason Hice. He spent the past six months working on the menu and doing research into food with a British flair,” said VP of Operations Mike Allen during our walk through this morning.

The menu is chockfull of interesting food items, including many obvious British favorites such as fish and chips, bangers and mash and shepherd’s pie, but chef Hice also brought in some of his favorite recipes and will feature those on the menu as well as upcoming daily chalkboard specials which will allow the kitchen staff to stretch their talents.

Beer Battered Fish and Chips

Tartines which is grilled marinated steak with Mediterranean vinaigrette, and curly endive, served on toasted focaccia

“I researched British pubs to see what the more popular items were being served. I explored different levels of pubs such as gastro pubs and nitro pubs. I got a feel for what they were doing and took my classical French training and tried to keep some of the rustic pub fare and modernize other dishes a bit for a good mix of cuisine, said chef Hice.

Chef Hice also hired a fantastic sous chef, Brian Gardner who was previously at Thomas Avenue Beverage Company and many hotels, including the Gaylord Texan. Some of his favorite menu items include the truffle mac and cheese, which he made for Hice during an interview tasting.

The Ploughman’s Lunch

“I really enjoy our version of the Ploughman’s Lunch, which I had fun researching. You don’t see this on many menus,” continued Hice.

The Ploughman is a hearty selection of  cured meats and cheeses, fig jam, quince, cornichons, caper berries, whole grain mustard, crackers, and bread.

We also enjoyed the fish and chips, which actually comes cooked in several styles. The traditional method of a beer battered cod filet was incredibly meaty. One particular Brit expat grabbed a bite and pronounced it authentic.

The Scotch egg are hard-boiled quail eggs and English style sausage rolled in seasoned bread crumbs then fried and served with Branston pickle, horseradish potato, and whole grain mustard.

The patios are enormous, and will be a perfect spot for the BBC brunch, once they begin that service which is coming very soon.

In keeping with the British inspiration, all of BBC’s UK draughts will be served in the classic imperial pint, some 20% larger than its Colonial counterpart. Look for 50 beers on tap with 100 bottle selection and a full bar.

BBC also features a large stage for live bands and DJs they will feature nightly.

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