I Love The Chicken Wings At Ten Bells

by Steven Doyle

Every bar worth the price of its beer fries up a chicken wing. Lord loves a chicken wing and so do I. There is a platter of chicken wings that await your moistened lips, beckoning them to plow through this spicy enjoyment pile of my favorite chicken limb.  

The wings are tenderly fried to a crispness that allows a layer of saucing. No, two layers of saucing. The plastering of spicy goodness is of the Frank’s variety, a sauce that is the star production of most any wing. The second is a drizzle of homey blue cheese gravy that compliments your order, sending you into a spastic frenzy.

I think what I am trying to say is that Ten Bells makes a fine platter of spicy chicken wings, and you ought to get your beer swilling butt into a stool at the bar and order away. Sometimes it is best to get to the point.

Ten Bells is located at 232 West 7th Street in the Bishop Arts District.

Lord loves a good chicken wing.


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