Win This: Christmas Dinner From Highland Park Cafeteria

placesetting475x357_476x357by Jennifer Thomas

‘Tis the season for families and friends to celebrate.  Take time to enjoy your holiday and let Highland Park Cafeteria make your day special.

Find all your holiday favorites including roast turkey, carved spiral ham, cornbread dressing, giblet gravy, cranberry sauce, baked squash casserole, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, candied yams and many other favorites that are made fresh daily. The Highland Park Cafeteria bakes holiday pies to order ($13.99-$18.99) and includes seasonal favorites such as pecan, apple, rhubarb, mincemeat, sweet potato, buttermilk and more.  

A traditional meal to serve at your home is $55.99 for 2-4 or $95.99 for 8-10 people. Please place order by Saturday, December 22.  Highland Park Cafeteria will close at 3 p.m. on December 24 and be closed December 25.


Since 1925, many families count on HPC to provide a feast to enjoy at home; or come in on Thanksgiving Day for the delicious food and festive atmosphere. The Highland Park Cafeteria cooks work around the clock so that every meal is fresh and perfect when served. The Highland Park Cafeteria is 10 minutes east of Central Expressway near the Dallas Arboretum at 1200 North Buckner Boulevard in Casa Linda Plaza.

You may have your dinner delivered to your home or office by using Artizone, the service that brings fresh, local food to your door.

Win a Highland Park Cafeteria dinner merely by commenting below and recount a favorite holiday memory. We will select one happy reader at random to receive a dinner that can feed up to four people and includes two pounds of roasted turkey breast, one quart of giblet gravy, one pint of cranberry sauce, one quart of cornbread dressing and six homemade rolls.



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24 responses to “Win This: Christmas Dinner From Highland Park Cafeteria

  1. Matt Montgomery

    I’ll never forget the first Christmas I spent with my wife. There is just something magical about having someone special to spent this time of year with.

  2. Holiday Memory: Ribbon Candy…Nana told me to be careful and not swallow it whole, but I did and almost choked to death!

  3. Greg

    I have two elderly (distant) cousins who live not far from the Highland Park Cafeteria and are big fans of the place. They’d love this, and honestly, without this, I’m not sure what they’ll be eating. It would mean a lot to me if they could win this as I’ll be out of town visiting my in-laws this Christmas.

  4. I remember I was about 12 years old and my first Thanksgiving meal that was not cooked at home was at a cafeteria called Morrison’s in Central Florida. I was so worried that it just would not be the same as Mom/Grandma cooking but to my surprise…it was so delicious! When I moved to Texas, I was so elated when I found Highland Park Cafeteria…it brought back those special memories of our first Thanksgiving eating out!

  5. Jimmy Rogers

    Dad sneakin to kitchen to leave cookies ,milk

  6. Criss Helms

    Being with my cousins and Grandmother, playing the board game “Life”!

  7. Amanda S.

    Some of my favorite memories are of baking with my family. I remember making sugar cookies, peanut butter balls, and lots of other goodies!

  8. serena dang

    Still don’t have any plan in place for a family of four, so this would be a great Christmas gift to us all. Thank you Crave!

  9. serena dang

    My favourite holiday memory was the first Christmas with friends and family in the States. Truly appreciated the great time with the loved ones, sharing good food and drinks, playing white elephant and silly games to rewind after a year of hard work.

  10. Angela Krieger

    My favorite holiday memory is when I was dating my husband, he arranged with my mother to leave the front door unlocked to deliver my gift. I got up and noticed the door unlocked and locked it. He wasn’t able to surprise me.

  11. Sam Liu

    One of my favorite Christmas memories is being stranded in the Tokyo airport with my brother on our way back to Dallas to see the family…we ended up having a progressive dinner through almost every restaurant and bar still open at the airport, picking up other stranded travelers along the way. By the time we reached the last place we had almost 20 people with us, eating, drinking, singing, and having a wonderful Christmas! 32 hours later we finally made it back to Dallas just in time for Dad’s birthday on the 26th

  12. Thank you so very much for reminding me about the highland park cafeteria. I’m not going to cook this Christmas because it is going to be so hectic for me. My son and grandson is moving to Oklahoma the day after Christmas. Going to my moms to visit and always take food to her. (shes 83 and gonna LOVE THE FOOD!). Had not realized what a rut I was in 🙂
    Thank you for reminding me if this Texas Tradition I had forgotten!
    Merry Christmas Y’all!

  13. One of my favorite holiday memories was baking cookies with my mom the whole month of December until the freezer got full, then getting to enjoy them with the rest of the family and giving them away as gifts.

  14. Sofie T

    A mini family reunion with aunts/uncles/cousins in Chicago.

  15. June Davis

    My family would make popcorn (jiffy pop), and string them on thread. We would decorate the Christmas tree with strands of popcorn and lots of those silver icecycles. Then we would go door to door singing Christmas carols for our neighbors. Most of the time they would invite us in for hot chocolate and cookies! Those were the good ole days!

  16. marianne newsom

    remodeling the kitchen and having to eat off of cardboard boxes.

  17. One Christmas, Santa brought a SNES annnnd a Genesis. Console OVERLOAD.

  18. Kirby

    Getting my first pair of Air Jordans

  19. Rho

    I fondly recall actually believing I could “wish” for Motley Crue under my tree from Santa!

  20. Pam

    Still love those short bread cookies you used to get at the store once a year.
    Can find them occassionally.

  21. So many wonderful stories, we wish we could select you all! We used our random app to select Angela Krieger. Hopefully she will send us some photos we can add to this story!

  22. Peggy Neal

    As a little girl going to Grandma’s and being with Aunts, Uncles and cousins. Now as a grandmother enjoying being with my children, their spouses and my grandchildren. Embrace change and make new memories.
    Peggy Herpeche Neal

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