The Wienermobile Makes Its Way To Dallas

oscar1by Steven Doyle

The iconic Wienermobile is making its way back to the DFW area this week and we have the schedule listed below. At each stop you will find two of the twelve current Oscar Meyer Hotdoggers, and honorable position for a select few recent college graduates who make their way across the country in the garish all-beef behemoth mobile, which at any given siting will make you grin wide with the excitement of a schoolchild.   

If you catch up to one of the stops of the Wienermobile, and why wouldn’t you want to, you will meet Holly Nelson who is an employee of Kraft Foods. She also responds to her alter ego’s name, Hot Diggity Holly. Her side-kick’s name is Jess Grillin’. Oh, there are puns abound when you drive a hotdog for a living.


“My partner Jess Grillin’ and I are two of twelve Hotdoggers currently traveling the hotdog highways of America spreading miles of smiles along the way. The 12 of us were selected from over 1,200 applicants for this great one-year opportunity with Oscar Mayer to drive the fleet of six Wienermobile vehicles,” said Hot Diggity Holly.

She continued, “In fact, there are more people who have walked on the moon than have been Hotdoggers. Every year, Oscar Mayer recruits at campuses across the U.S. looking for soon-to-be college graduates who have a thirst for adventure and can truly cut the mustard. Each team of two is assigned one of the six regions to travel. After six months on the job, we all get a new partner.”

Monday Dec 17 Fiesta-Posada 611 W. Jefferson Dallas 5PM-8PM

Tuesday, Dec 18 Fiesta-Posada 275 NE 28th Street Ft. Worth 5PM-8PM

Wednesday Dec 19 Carnival-Posada 3460 Webb Chapel Dallas 5PM-8PM

Friday Dec 21 Albertsons 301 Southwest Plaza Arlington 10AM-2PM

At the Posada events Holly will be partaking in the event’s holiday celebrations on top of handing out the iconic Wiener Whistles. At the Albertsons’ event they will pass out $1 off coupons for Oscar Mayer Selects, playing fun games with families in front of the 27-foot-long Wienermobile and of course handing out the iconic Wiener Whistles.

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