TABC Closed

DSC04735by Steven Doyle

Thomas Avenue Beverage Company (TABC), the long standing restaurant in Uptown Dallas, has been locked out. Two notices on the doors indicate the landlord changed the locks, but another notice claims that they are closed for renovations.

An insider states that they are in negotiations to catch up on back rent and could be open as early as tomorrow, but for now the lights are dark at the popular restaurant and watering hole.    


We have a message into owner Russell Hayward, who also owns the very new Ascension in the Design District, and will update this post when we catch word back from him. Hayward previously owned such restaurants as Lazare, Fuse and Tom Tom. TABC recently added sushi to its menu as a throwback to the Tom Tom days.

Update: Word just sent that TABC has officially closed.

Another Update: Hayward just sent me a note on Facebook with this to say: The landlord has decided that TABC has had its run at the corner of Thomas and Allen and that perhaps a new concept will better serve them. As such they did not extend our lease. I’d like to thank all the great TABCer’s that helped support the business for the 12 years under founder Joel Lebovitz and the 6 years with me. I also wish the best of success to the new lessee of the building when that is finally decided.



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7 responses to “TABC Closed

  1. Janice

    Sad! I liked their sushi! I’m excited to see what goes in it’s place – great location.

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    They dont pay any of there bills, even when the government sends threats.

  4. Tex

    Good riddance. That section of Uptown has become too noisy and too crowded on the weekends. Uptown would probably be even better off if another pub (or two) closed in that immediate area.

  5. eric siegel

    Of course its run its course… they werent paying rent!

  6. Most of the people are wrongly taken by this news relating it to official TABC board of Texas. It was not Texas TABC board, it was Thomas Avenue Beverage Company.

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