Derry Leaves Private Social, Natera Joins Marquee

aDSC_3825by Steven Doyle

There has been some crazy in the air the past few weeks. I  have been getting notes from all sorts of industry people the last ten days or so stating that Tiffany Derry was leaving Private Social. When I  finally sent a note to the restaurant’s publicist it wasn’t more than two hours later I read about the news on the Eats Blog.  We wish Tiffany the very best as she works out her new routine.

I think Tiffany is one classy cookie who can cook like no one else, and it will be interesting to see what she does next. I do recall her telling me about her own television program that was possibly in the works.

If the rumor mill is even close to being correct there is more afoot at Private Social that should extremely interesting.

Today Nancy Nichols explains who is filling the Tre Wilcox shoes at Marquee. Yes, that Top Chef alum is leaving his post as well. Look for super chef Andre Natera to move into the marquee digs at the end of the month. Nichols also pried more information out of our buddy and owner of Marquee, Mark Hearl. He is stating they will be reconcepting the upstairs portion of the restaurant and that work will begin very soon.


Andre Natera is the former executive chef at the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas who took off a few months to spend time with his family. He told me that he has never really had a proper holiday, and since spotted the super chef all over town enjoying a number of top restaurants and recharging those creative batteries.

January is typically a time for change after the big holiday push for restaurants and night clubs.


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