Empire Baking Company Now Offering Pastries

DSC05649by Steven Doyle

One of our very favorite bakeries in Dallas is Empire Baking Company owned by the very talented Meaders Ozarow. The bakery does the majority of its business wholesale to local restaurants, but they also have a store front located in Inwood Village just off Lovers Lane. 



Empire does a booming business selling their loaves, croissants, sandwiches and even brownies, but until now the sweet selection was limited. Recently Azarow hired a pastry chef to pick up the pace in the pastry department, and this weekend we stumbled upon some pretty amazing finds. The moist and very rich chocolate mousse cake and the chocolate caramel brownie cake sent us home with a huge smile and a satisfied sweet tooth.

Empire also has a growing list of jams, jellies and spreads, many of which are local such as the J J & B line up.

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