The Hunt For A Bowl Of Red: Goodfriend Beer Garden And Burger House

20130224_172559by Steven Doyle

Recently the guys at Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House updated their menu adding new starters, sandwiches and burgers. The fresh new take on the elevated bar food has not gone unnoticed and the items we have sampled were incredible.

Chefs Jeana Johnson and Colleen O’Hare, who are actually owners of the neighboring Good 2 Go Taco, are the geniuses behind the food at Goodfriend. It is in their kitchen all the food is created and passed through to the wait staff for delivery. This symbiosis is genius and we all benefit from the skills of the chefs.  

One of the better new selections includes the El Jefe which is a beef burger topped with smoked brisket, bacon, Jack and Swiss cheeses. The brisket is super tender with a perfect fat to meat ratio that keep s the beef strips moist and delicate. The bacon is thick and smoky, while the cheese creates a perfect ooze that binds the patty and the other ingredients together. Add a side of the fried green beans and you have a hearty meal in need of the perfect IPA to wash it all down.


The burgers are undisputed as some of the very best the city has to offer. Make note burger aficionados. However, there is something gallant on this menu that has actually been a mainstay since the opening of Goodfriend; the chili. We took in a cup of the chili on a recent visit and what we found was superb.

The chili at Goodfriend was shockingly delicious. We expected the bowl to be delicious, but this went above and beyond chili comprehension. The chili had a good amount of heat to it, but not so much that it would offend any palate. The chili gravy is a blend of chiles that act as suspension for the large chunks of coarsely ground beef.

The Loving Cup is actually large enough to act as a quick meal unto itself. At $4 this is the house bargain, and is served with a dollop of sour cream, shavings of cheese and green onions. For a larger appetite, the chili makes a great side dish for any burger on the menu.

The chili at Goodfriend might be the best we have sampled so far in our Dallas-wide hunt for the perfect bowl.

Spiciness: 7 of 10
Texture: 10 of 10
Meat Factor: 10 of 10
Chili Bowl Score: 5 out of 5 bowls
Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House  | 1154 Peavy Road | 214.324.3335
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