Hibiscus Chamomile- A Flowery Transfusion Like No Other

cocktailby Mary Szefcyk

There truly is an art form to craft of hand Spirits and the Dallas Cocktail Culture scene is up and coming.  We are fortunate to have so many adventurous places that showcase original cocktails. It’s not just a mere drink its character in a glass that needs to make a statement and should not be taken for granted. It was charming to find such a unique blend on my recent night out jaunt.  I had the pleasure of letting down my hair taking in Urban art and live music performed by a local band (We’ve Come For Your Daughter) a hip hop/synth pop group releasing my inner-punk while frolicking with friends and making new ones near and behind the bar.  


There is a great deal of fine sentiment infused in this herbal tea cocktail.  And this Deep Ellum (City’s headquarters of live music) eclectic tavern Wits End makes it easy to enjoy this tipsy tea party.   Mixing spirits with ancient blends enticing your palate with structure and depth with a flowery scent that is familiar yet different will keep you begging for more.

You can take a breather from the usual hustle and bustle of downtown and be entertained on the roof top patio and recognize the City skyline view that you appreciate and love so much.  This concoction could easily be served up in your typical swanky cocktail lounge or velvet rope hot spot but yet you can find it here, which makes it even more mysterious and enticing.  So why not venture off the well-beaten path and raise your glass.  Life is a cup of tea, it’s how you make it.



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2 responses to “Hibiscus Chamomile- A Flowery Transfusion Like No Other

  1. Mari

    I might have to check this place out when I’m in Dallas next weekend.

  2. Rose

    A marriage of my two favorite drinks- tea and a cocktail. A dream come true.

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