Tomas and Drennan Side by Side Friday, March 8

Ashton_eVite_030813by Erica Guajardo

When you own a gallery on Dragon Street, you don’t necessarily show your own artwork as a feature exhibition.  Generally the rule of thumb is to present artist in the space, so that you have a collection of works that differ but remain cohesive.  As two gallery owners on Dragon Street ponder this concept, they decided the best thing to do was to collaborate on an art show which feature them as artist.  The Cohn Drennan Contemporary’s owner Cathy Drennan and Mary Tomás owner of the Mary Tomás Gallery have collaborated together to create a show which features each owners works as painters.  

Cathy Drennan Overcome
Understanding that this show shouldn’t be held in either owner’s gallery, they have decided to show at the Ashton Luxury Urban Apartments, located at 2215 Cedar Springs, Dallas, Texas,  this venue is perfect for the event because not only does it have a gallery space inside, it features six windows facing Cedar Springs which highlight the works of the painters.  A great view for anyone who may be walking aside the Crescent Hotel or dinning at Palomino Restaurant.
With the collaboration of the two owners, the juxtaposition of the works began to feature a similar resemblance in color theory.  “Each painter holding their own style, yet merging together.”   Cathy Drennan is an artist who creates off of shapes, texture, and colors.  Her pieces show that there are many layers to peel through, and this quality leaves the works having an active presents to them.   Drawing the viewer into a world that highlights memories and symbols of past journeys.
Mary Tomás is very similar to Cathy as far as influences, but she differs in her style because she believes that “layering is like humans”. Believing the light and dark’s in her paintings show the viewer how we can change as humans to be influenced by good or evil.  Having a more spiritual awakened approach to the contrast in her paintings.  She as an artist creates an ambiguity which may leave the viewer pondering their own self.
Although Cathy is a painter of acrylics and Mary is a painter of oils. This pair tend to hold the attention of their viewers and present a excellent choice for the show name “Side by Side”.  Showing other artist what it takes to hold the presence of a gallery, let alone own one! Please join them for their opening Friday, March 8th from 6:00pm – 8:00pm.  Complimentary horderves and wine will be served as a thank you to supporters.

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