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Bowlounge Open in Design District

bowlounge2Steven Doyle

A new bowling alley/ restaurant opened in the Design District. Bowlounge is located at 167 Turtle Creek Blvd, giving you an additional reason to frequent that burgeoning side of Dallas. The new business has been in the works for quite some time now, but has finally come to fruition. The restaurant portion of the bowling alley is not complete, so it is just bowling and booze for now.

Unlike counterparts popping up in Dallas, Bowlounge is considered a ‘retro blue collar’ hangout.  Continue reading

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Tomas and Drennan Side by Side Friday, March 8

Ashton_eVite_030813by Erica Guajardo

When you own a gallery on Dragon Street, you don’t necessarily show your own artwork as a feature exhibition.  Generally the rule of thumb is to present artist in the space, so that you have a collection of works that differ but remain cohesive.  As two gallery owners on Dragon Street ponder this concept, they decided the best thing to do was to collaborate on an art show which feature them as artist.  The Cohn Drennan Contemporary’s owner Cathy Drennan and Mary Tomás owner of the Mary Tomás Gallery have collaborated together to create a show which features each owners works as painters.   Continue reading

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Gallery Walk: Special Art Edition

Red Arrow Contemporary Layeredby Erica Guajardo

On Saturday, February 23rd, the Design District plays host to its “Gallery Walk”.  For those that have not participated in this event I would like to suggest you make it out this Saturday.  This particular event is where the local galleries on Dragon Street open their doors from 5-9, depending on the gallery, and feature some of the leading artist locally, nationally, and internationally.  Most exhibitions turn every six weeks and open the viewer’s eye to what is grabbing the attention in the art world.  CraveDFW will be on site every walk, featuring an insight on some of the best galleries on Dragon Street.  We are featuring three new galleries in our very special “Gallery Walk Edition”.  Continue reading

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Oak Starts Up New Brunch This Weekend

by Steven Doyle    photos by Desiree Espada

Each day we try new restaurants, visit some standards and seek out the unusual. There are few times when a restaurant will elicit a gasp of excitement with its fresh take and uncanny execution. Oak is such a restaurant.  Now we have one more reason to enjoy Oak: Brunch.

With out doubt no one enjoys brunch more than the people at craveDFW. Brunch is a holy time of reflection and art. The egg is a wondrous renewal to start the week, and you will soon see why with this photo essay by Desiree Espada.     Continue reading

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A Look at Oak

by Jayne M. Chobot

Uptown, I see your inventive menu, impeccable service, and warm ambiance at Private Social, and I raise you a chic multimedia interior, classy and diverse clientele, and a champagne bucket of elegance at Oak in the Design District. 

Fittingly, the space feels like a gallery where an artist has decided to do an installation piece in the design of a pop-up restaurant. It feels temporary, which is very unique and, (please forgive my lack of eloquence here) really cool. We were in on a secret location, having a special one-night-only dinner, and as soon as the night was over, all of the set pieces would be whisked away to make room for the next exhibit. And to take the analogy a step further- the design and service are so much about you, the guest, that the space feels like the canvas and you are the art- a revolving group of people in and out of the door that the designers chose specifically for their purpose.                    Continue reading

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Crave Drink of the Week: Oak

by Katie Minchew

Oak is my new favorite restaurant. It has the one of the coolest vibes, which made me feel all grown up and like a true-blue Dallasite. Let me begin by telling you that I am not typically a fan of sitting at bars, alone. Usually I am one of those annoying people who walk into a restaurant and head immediately for the booth in the back, the ideal table to most restaurant-goers. I take up the entire table with my good friends: laptop, notebook, purse, and work tote. We have a great time.

But at Oak, I was immediately drawn to the light, open, marble-top bar with smiling Ali Love behind it. I took a seat at the comfy stool and invited a few of my aforementioned “friends” to join me and was greeted by Abraham Bedell, creator of the entire drink menu and the bar program.                    Continue reading

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