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Summer Camp At Cohn Drennan

cohnby Jennifer Thomas

Cohn Drennan Contemporary will close the 2012-2013 season with Summer Camp, a group exhibition of select gallery artists.  Works will be on view from artists Cande Aguilar (Brownsville), John Brown (Washington, DC), Richard Dana (Washington, DC), Frank Hallum Day (Washington, DC), Jesus De La Rosa (Kingsville), Jerome Deppe (Baltimore, MD), Margaret Evangeline (New York, NY), Angel Fernandez (Ft. Worth), Janis Goodman (Washington, DC), Tim Harding (Ft. Worth), Jim Harrison (Washington, DC), Lucy Kirkman (Dallas), Bonny Leibowitz (Dallas), Susan Perkins (Dallas), Jorge Puron (San Antonio), Lanny Quarles (Dallas), Kit Reisch (Dallas), Winter Rusiloski (Ft. Worth), Benjamin Terry (Denton) and Margaret Withers (Brooklyn, NY).      Continue reading


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Visit the City of Meattropolis, 2079

meat1by Steven Doyle

Meattropolis. A city made entirely of meat and other foods cast in plastic by the Queen of Meattropolis, Ayrton Chapman.

“I built Meattropolis, a city far ahead of its time, out of plastic cast food items to create a large installation.  Its buildings and parks are all sculpted by me out of the various foods I find, cook, and cast,” said Chapman.   Continue reading

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Tomas and Drennan Side by Side Friday, March 8

Ashton_eVite_030813by Erica Guajardo

When you own a gallery on Dragon Street, you don’t necessarily show your own artwork as a feature exhibition.  Generally the rule of thumb is to present artist in the space, so that you have a collection of works that differ but remain cohesive.  As two gallery owners on Dragon Street ponder this concept, they decided the best thing to do was to collaborate on an art show which feature them as artist.  The Cohn Drennan Contemporary’s owner Cathy Drennan and Mary Tomás owner of the Mary Tomás Gallery have collaborated together to create a show which features each owners works as painters.   Continue reading

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Gallery Walk: Special Art Edition

Red Arrow Contemporary Layeredby Erica Guajardo

On Saturday, February 23rd, the Design District plays host to its “Gallery Walk”.  For those that have not participated in this event I would like to suggest you make it out this Saturday.  This particular event is where the local galleries on Dragon Street open their doors from 5-9, depending on the gallery, and feature some of the leading artist locally, nationally, and internationally.  Most exhibitions turn every six weeks and open the viewer’s eye to what is grabbing the attention in the art world.  CraveDFW will be on site every walk, featuring an insight on some of the best galleries on Dragon Street.  We are featuring three new galleries in our very special “Gallery Walk Edition”.  Continue reading

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