Celebrate The Persian New Year At Samar By Stephan Pyles

PNYFestivalFINALby Steven Doyle

One of my very favorite restaurants in Dallas that we do not hear a lot about in the media is Samar. This is Stephan Pyles fantastic restaurant that serves up mainly global tapas from regions such as Spain, the Mediterranean, and South America. This is the best first date restaurant as it has all the most romantic elements. You share an experience, the cuisine and the atmosphere.

A few times a year Pyles announces a celebratory dinner that is exquisite and priced perfectly so that anyone wishing to attend can easily enjoy the evening.  There is one such dinner coming up soon that you wil not want to miss.     

Celebrate in grand style the Persian New Year “Nourooz” Wednesday March 27, 2013 at this Samar prix fixe dinner for only $35 per person. Call 214.922.9922 for your reservation.  Here is the over-the-top menu that you will enjoy that evening:

Fresh Pita Bread and Spreads

Hummus – Chickpea and Tahini

Kashke Bademjan – Roasted Eggplant and Whey

Masto Khiar – Yogurt and Cucumbers

Salad Shirazi – Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Onions, Parsley

Panir Sabzi

Feta Cheese, Walnuts, Mint, Watercress, Tarragon, Radishes

2nd Course

Whole Roasted Branzino and Sabzi Polo

Herb Rice, Roasted Garlic, Charred Lemons

Whole Roasted Duck and Reshteh Polo

Saffron Marinated Duck, Dried Fruit, Roasted Noodle Rice

Kookoo Sabzi

Herb and Egg Fritter, Dried Cranberries, Pine Nuts

3rd Course

Honey Glazed Funnel Cake

with Hazelnuts

Chickpea Cookies

Pistachio Baklava

Cream Puffs

with Rose Water and Cardamom Cream


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  1. Looks like tons of fun. If I’m in Big D…I am there!

  2. That’s good, I never contemplated Nostradamus during the OR

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