Crockett Street has a DUDE!

Dude-Sweet-Chocolateby Angela Hopkins

Dude, Sweet Chocolate is going on its fourth year in DFW. My first experience was in the Avoca Coffee shop off Magnolia in FW. Most people know of the uber popular location in the Bishop Arts District, but now we can cruise over to 2925 Crockett in the West 7th area.

Pastry Chef, Katherine Clapner, having studied with Valrhona Chocolatier, entices us with her uses of dark chocolate in all her creative chocolate concoctions from truffles and fudges to soft butter toffees. Everything is handmade. She has your typical combinations with marshmallows and coffee. I was told by Adrian at the Fort Worth newly opened location, the “Crack in a Box” is a best seller. Chocolate Bark with candied salted nuts, and yes, it is in a box.         


I say go for the artistic pieces and step outside your comfort zone with sweet potato or mushrooms. Who knew? Dude highlights different products every weekend… like the “Flower Child” with jasmine and orange currently. While visiting the Fort Worth store, Adrian gives everyone that walks in a personal tour, adds humor, and will lead you to through the ins and outs of each product, including flavor profiles. The employees always seem happy to help you find your sweet spot.

We walked past the chocolate sauces, aka “One Night Stand Potion” made with Tequila. He adds knowledge that will make you say, “Oh?” And “Yes Please!” Hint Hint… All the spirits and wine are added at the end of the process, retaining the kick so nothing is cooked off. Fantastic! Walking past you will notice other bottles containing Bourbon, sultry! Maybe you prefer Vodka with lemon and agave, you’re in luck. If the traditional route suits your palate more he suggests enjoying a little Merlot infused with honey, agave, lavender and violet. Note that different stores carry different products.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate describes itself as “funky artisan dark chocolate.” My pop in here turned into a proud moment for DFW. Not only are they “funky” they are local.


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