Cooking Classes at 3015: Week Two

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For six weeks Robyn agreed to attend classes at 3015 in Trinity Groves. We’re pretty sure she is having plenty of fun. For last week’s report click here0.

Class two at 3015 Trinity Groves was a booming success simply because I managed to leave with all fingers attached to my hand. This week’s seminar built on the stock class from last week and focused on sauces. Chef Sharon Van Meter even stopped by for a few minutes to say hello and make sure her cookhouse hadn’t been set afire. Not yet!

Dr. Mike did us a solid because right there on the stove was five pounds of melted butter. He talked to us about the importance of clarified butter (melt; then skim off milk fat) in sauces and cooking in general. The class went on to make velouté (fancy talk for gravy), basic brown sauce, Madeira, and hollandaise to top pork tenderloin, chicken cutlets and asparagus. 


We chatted throughout the evening about roux, the five “mother sauces”, and the importance of being organized in the kitchen. This is good because the one thing that holds me back as a cook, other than flesh wounds, is the feeling that I am pinging around the kitchen like a meth-soaked pinball. Mike referenced his list of steps many times and kept us organized and on target for each task. For example, we prepared the breaded chicken cutlet first and let it rest for 20 minutes (makes for better frying) as we made a simple velouté, no problemo. This easy tip of resting allows for much better frying and a prettier presentation. These little tips are no-brainers for professionals, but are possibly unknown to home-cooks. After enough practice, these little gems will have you throwing down in the kitchen like Dolomite.


The tenderloin, chicken cutlet and asparagus could hardly have been easier to make. The stars were the sauces and since the stocks were made last week, they only required a bit of veggie chopping and some time while they cooked down and concentrated. They were incredibly deep and rich and I half expected one of us to start drinking the nectar right out of the pot.

Bikini season be damned! Next week we will concentrate on sautéing and FRYING. I’m wearing my stretchy pants.

3015 at Trinity Groves Cooking Basics; six-week course

Mondays 6-9 p.m. Dr. Mike Johnson, Instructor  214-939-3015-939-



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  1. Ernie

    As a student of Dr. Mike’s cooking classes, I can say that I have already learned a lot and thoroughly enjoy attending these classes. This article is a great recap of the course. Can’t wait for what we make next week.

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  3. It’s a fun class, no doubt. I’m learning & laughing a lot.

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