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When Angela first started contributing to craveDFW she asked what her limits were in what she might choose as topics. We told her crave was about anything she might desire as a young woman. Today she put us to the test and submitted an article on her favorite yoga studio. We loved it.

A community has come together to promote the well-being of our self-worth and that of others.   How? Karmany Yoga is a donation based studio with a location in both Fort Worth and Dallas.  No memberships.  No cards.  No Problems.  Brilliant!   Drop a minimum $15 in the donation box, unroll your mat, and get ready for inner and outer transformation.  I welcome this new, much needed, non-corporate way to say “Namaste.”

So a sunny Sunday afternoon, I decided to go back to this little studio I visited back on “Free Day of Yoga 2012”.  Whoa what a following!  The light colored hardwood floor is covered in 2’ by 6’ mats.  Students say “Hello” to each other and the energy begins. We close our eyes and instantly my ears hear the music circling above me and the person’s breath next to me.  After an hour or so of Ujjayi breathing and all the cues for preferred Asanas, you reach a somewhat euphoric state.  Sweat just runs out of every pore.  I do not even notice it until the end of class when we enter into shavasana, aka relaxation or corpse pose.   A few minutes of lying on your mat, you are asked to roll to your side, and everyone meets in a seated pose with your hands at your heart.  Just as pleasant as the start.  At the end of class grab the bottle with the red top… peppermint mat cleaner spray.  I know.  Awesome.


I consider Yoga a workout and a massage, for my body and mind at the same time.  After 6 or 7 years of Practice with countless instructors and numerous studios, I consider myself a well-rounded yogi.  I do not believe one type is more beneficial than other styles.  Depending on your mood or physical health, choose what suits you.

I feel the benefit is to study from a multitude of instructors and take advantage of all information absorbed.  You will never stop learning.  So Blissful.  With teacher run spaces at Karmany, every class is unique.  Different instructors, different flows.  It is a win-win for students and instructors.  Jenny Parum, the sexy kitten yoga instructor at the Dallas Location said, “The teachers have creative ownership, and as long as it serves the student, it brings revenue!”

I have now been to Karmany Yoga countless times.  Delighted with Jenny, Amy and Stephanie.  Jenny’s voice enters so soft and sweet.  But let’s be honest, I think she is really a comedian.  With comments like “roly poly asana and akward moments in our life asanas.” (Side Note:  Asana translates into “pose”) Did you giggle?  During our Practice she tells a short story here and there.  If you are paying attention, they usually relate to what we are doing on and off the mat, and benefit both.  Sounds cliché.  I will never do her class justice in black and white, she is a little more colorful than you can imagine.  Amy communicates a solid ass kicking to her large class setting.  No complaints here, I love it!  I have also had the pleasure of practicing with Stephanie.  She is a feisty fun red head, from her unique way of laying yoga mats to building strong cores in each of her students.  But I am not going to tell you how.  Wink! Wink!  Sharp shooter and clear minded, if you have a chance, her skill set will change your life.

How many studios have you visited and they are preaching unity but want a military boot camp atmosphere?  Not here.  Thank goodness.  Finally a fun yoga studio!  It is yoga.  Happiness, laughter, and yoga, all good for the soul.  I will take two and call you in the morning.   I really just go because perky butts drive me nuts, and that my friends is exactly why you should drop in and experience enlightenment at Karmany Yoga.

Check the website for schedules and workshops.

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