Beer For The Divas

Beer_Soulmate_small2by Steven Doyle

You have no doubt heard of the Dallas Diva. She runs a blog that runs the gamut of fashion, food and most certainly frivolity. She has been known to me as a non-beer drinker, and I always respected that policy. More for me and all that rot.

Now I get word that she is hosting a beer event at Gingerman in Dallas, and she plans to actually take part by hoisting a few pints herself. Well that is nothing short of amazing.     

Next Wednesday evening she will walk you through the finer points of beer with the assistance of Real Ale brewmaster Erik Ogershock. This one is really for the ladies, so you will taste beers that suit you, based on cocktails and wine that please your palate most.

Join the Diva May 29, 2013 and find your soulmate, ladies. Price of admission includes four tastings, a full pint of your favorite beer and plenty to nosh on while mingling. Grab a handfull of tickets here.


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