Windmill Celebrates Best Bar Nomination by Esquire

08-windmill-mdnby Steven Doyle

Last night there was an impromptu congratulatory party held in the honor of Charlie Pap and Louise Owens, both owners of The Windmill Lounge which was decorated as one of Esquire Magazine’s best bars in America. Tall prize for a small bar hidden away on Maple Avenue near Inwood in Dallas. Especially when placed in the arena of such fine establishments as Aviary in Chicago.    


Late yesterday afternoon Jason Kosmas started making the calls to the top shelf bar staff across Dallas to stop by and pay homage at the extemporaneous cocktail party set for 10pm. Most arrived after their shift at 11pm or even midnight.

After a few arrived Charlie mumbled something about it being old home week. It wasn’t until Kosmas made the reveal that it was a party for the Windmill that Charlie grinned and started working the gathering crowd.





Kosmas mentioned that he had been to many of the bars on the Esquire list and that it was indeed an honor. Remember, it was Charlie and Louise that hired Kosmas first when he moved to Dallas. That was several books ago.

Esquire noted the superior tunes on the jukebox and even Charlie’s chili, which is seasonal and delicious. The obligatory crusty patrons were also highlighted, but rest assured there are many beautiful people on the served side of the bar each night.

Don’t feel left out, the party will continue for several weeks to come.



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