Victory Brewing Co Celebrating ‘Merica At Common Table July 3

victoryby Steven Doyle

Cue the fifes. Dallas has been enjoying this delightful renaissance of enjoying beer. Not just any beer, but delicious, cold and frothy craft beer made locally and across this great nation of ours and beyond. Celebrate the love of beer and all things that make ‘Merica great by joining the lads and lasses at Common Table Wednesday, July 3rd, and witness a ten tap takeover by Victory Brewing Company.      

To show their patriotism there is rumor of an appearance by a bald eagle. We are not sure if that means owner Corey Ponds is going to shave his head, or he actually found the bird handlers he was looking for. You will also be entertained by the tunes of local band Parallel Play for some banjo strumming fun and games.

The Victory taps begin flowing at 5:30pm. Who knows, you might experience a W sighting.


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  1. Tony

    Crap! Of all the weekends to be out of town!

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