Visit the City of Meattropolis, 2079

meat1by Steven Doyle

Meattropolis. A city made entirely of meat and other foods cast in plastic by the Queen of Meattropolis, Ayrton Chapman.

“I built Meattropolis, a city far ahead of its time, out of plastic cast food items to create a large installation.  Its buildings and parks are all sculpted by me out of the various foods I find, cook, and cast,” said Chapman.  


Some of the items used in casting to build the city includes: egg rolls, steak, onions, loaf of bread, pineapple, garlic, casserole, ground beef, eggplant, egg, Cornish game hen, sushi, waffles, berries, pie, prawns, meringue cookies, cookies, broccoli, cabbage, artichoke, spam, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, chili peppers, cheese balls, fish, steak, cheeses, Swiss cheese, stacks of patties, ham, bologna, cakes, samosas, bananas, potatoes, chicken bits, shrimp, pecans, butter, doughnuts, burger, pizza, pears halved and in syrup, peas, edamame,  waffle fries, kebobs, meatloaf, angel food cake, celery, radish, turnip, olives, crackers, half a bagel, skate, pancakes, french fries, beans, won tons, cupcakes, mushrooms, hot wings, egg salad, cream cheese, cabbage, apples, ribs, lamb chop, rack of lamb, and mashed potatoes.

Check out Meatropolis this weekend at the Cohn Drennan Contemporary Gallery in the Dallas Design District July 20, 2013 from 12 to 8pm. Be sure to bring the Queen a lamb chop.

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