Kyle Hilla Has A Ball With New Bolsa Cocktail Menu

DSC08811by Steven Doyle

It is like when Navin Johnson first discovers that he is somebody and gleefully announces that the new phone book arrived. I know that feeling all too well when a barman with the talents of Bolsa barman Kyle Hilla jets out the fact he has some new summer cocktails on his menu. It just seemed like weeks ago we were celebrating springtime menus, but we accept any reason to enjoy freshly squeezed juices, blended with the hottest liquors and molded into a frosty glass to take the edge off the smoldering heat in July.     


The most interesting item tops the list of libations, the chilled melon balls. These are the tiny balls of cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew that Hilla soaks in a Lemon Craft Vodka. These are meant to be shared more like a bar snack, but at the same time are able to pack a little punch.

The late Bloomer is also a great choice for a very warm day. This slushy concoction of blueberries, violettes, pink peppercorns and Cabesa tequila is something to be enjoyed slowly to avoid brain freeze.



Hilla said his new Nutty Professor was made to entice some to the ways of whiskey. In this case he uses a sweet concoction that might remind you of an Old Fashion, but much smoother. For those wanting the stronger version look to the Big Cat which should remain on the menu probably for however long Mr. Hilla remains on board with Bolsa. The Professor, however, is made with vanilla, angostura bitters, walnut and house peach infused TX whiskey. The drink is all too satisfying.



Another new favorite is the Fade to Black, made with blackberries, honey, Patron, and topped with an IPA float. This is a fantastic use of beer in a mixed drink, and we tip the proverbial hat off to Hilla and his staffers for this bit of genius.


The best spot in the house could be at one of the tables, but personally I have never had the pleasure. For me the best angle is perched at the bar enjoying Chef Jeff Harris’ menu alongside the fun cocktails that Bolsa is famous for in the past five years. Try the new cocktail menu and soak up some freshness while celebrating the very best Dallas has to offer.

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