Boulevardier’s Eddie Eakin Wins The 2013 CFF Mix-Off

15_2013_09_TSP_Mix_Off-82by Steven Doyle   photos by Robert Bostick

As we gear up for this year’s Chefs for Farmers event November 3rd, the excitement rises. Some months back we checked out the sous chef competition, won by Boulevardier’s sous Gmo Tristan. This past weekend we attended the big annual Mix-Off at Standard Pour and sponsored by Maker’s Mark and Patron.  There were just over 100 very thirsty people who acted as judge and jury for the competition.

We were met by some of the city’s best cocktail ladies and gents who led with some very spirited competition and smack being served up to the crowds delight. Samples were offered from each bartender with the final victor being Eddie Eakin from Boulevardier (anyone keeping count – that is two in the win column for this restaurant).   


The winning drink was Eakin’s “Steep Buzz,” made with Makers Mark, earl grey tea infused honey syrup, Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur, apple bitters, and lemon juice. I can say it was pretty terrific and it will be featured at the November event.

“We are happy to celebrate these wins for the Boulevardier team,” says co-founder of Chefs for Farmers Iris McCallister.  “The Mix-Off Event was a great success as it continued to support our mission of turning the spotlight on the city’s extraordinary local talent, while creating buzz for the exciting event ahead.”

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