Tiffany Derry And Uno Immanivong Team Up For Pop-Up Dinner

radio1by Steven Doyle

Just a few weeks ago Chef Tiffany Derry and Chef Uno met during an interview at craveRADIO. Since that day the two really hit it off and discussed doing a pop up dinner. Today they send word that on October 17th they will collaborate with a five-course tasting menu at the Wine Poste. Chef’s Derry and Immanivong special menu will include an Amuse Bouche, Crispy Beet Salad, Chino’s pho-zole, Crispy Duck Confit with fried rice and Chinese BBQ pork and sausage, and Apple Fritter Churro bites with salted caramel.

Champagne and wine pairings are included and all for $110 per person.

Chef Derry is currently working on two television series including Hunger Investors and Bar Rescue, both on Spike TV. Chef Uno will soon open her restaurant in Trinity Groves called Chino Chinatown, and is a co-host on craveRADIO.


To purchase tickets to the dinner visit The Wine Poste’s website. The Wine Poste is located at 2001 Irving Blvd, Ste. 145, in the Design District.

You can hear a replay of that broadcast below:

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