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Lucrecia Waggoner Announces Solo Exhibit at Dallas Design District’s Laura Rathe Fine Art


Dallas Design District gallery, Laura Rathe Fine Art, announces a solo exhibition featuring new works by celebrated porcelain installation artist, Lucrecia Waggoner, with an opening reception on Saturday, May 13th, from 5-8pm.   Continue reading

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A Duo Of Dallas Brew Tours: Peticolas And Community

peicolas4by Brian Wall

Fall, the best of seasons aside from Spring. Temperatures cool down, leaves change color, temperatures cool down, children go back to school and most importantly temperatures cool down. With a cooler temperature, it is a world of difference when you decide on going to a large un-air conditioned warehouse for a brewery tour. Some do have temperature controlled areas but most can be as hot as the outside or hotter if there are plenty of bodies jockeying for beer.

This past weekend was a definite nice time for a brewery tour or possibly two tours if you feel up to it. Seeing as though Peticolas Brewing Company and Community Beer Company are roughly one mile away from each other, this seemed like a very doable reality. The tour started at 12pm at Peticolas and last pour is at 2:45. Community does their tour from 2pm-5pm, so times are not a problem.    Continue reading

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Tiffany Derry And Uno Immanivong Team Up For Pop-Up Dinner

radio1by Steven Doyle

Just a few weeks ago Chef Tiffany Derry and Chef Uno met during an interview at craveRADIO. Since that day the two really hit it off and discussed doing a pop up dinner. Today they send word that on October 17th they will collaborate with a five-course tasting menu at the Wine Poste. Chef’s Derry and Immanivong special menu will include an Amuse Bouche, Crispy Beet Salad, Chino’s pho-zole, Crispy Duck Confit with fried rice and Chinese BBQ pork and sausage, and Apple Fritter Churro bites with salted caramel.

Champagne and wine pairings are included and all for $110 per person.

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