Rahr and Sons Visionary 2013

Visionary-Labelby Brian Wall

So, how many of you out there enjoy a good IPA?  The scent of hops, with a fruity or citrusy or piney bouquet that seeps into every aspect of the nose. The flavor that ranges in the same scale of citrus, fruit, pine or even mango. Weird thing is that the strain of hop and when it is added during the cooking process of the beer is how the scent, flavor or bitterness is accentuated in the beer. A good IPA is pretty much the staple of the typical hophead.

When one brings up the Double or Imperial IPA, it can make a hophead become a kid around Christmastime. “I want” or “I need” is the most common thought that crosses a hophead’s mind when it comes to a limited edition Imperial IPA.   

Visionary Brew is in its’ third year of offering from Rahr and Sons Brewing Company in Fort Worth. Two years ago it was a Bock that hinted with chocolate and coffee flavors. Last year, it was a Black IPA. This year it is an Imperial or Double IPA.  The beer is definitely something to search for while it is available this season. Available in a 22 ounce bomber bottle, it has a label drawn by a local amateur artist.  The opening showed a decent amount of carbonation.

The sample was chilled thoroughly and hinted with a nice pine/citrus-scent of a strong hop beer. Color is a copper-amber with a pleasant foam head that clings to the glass. Flavor is semi-sweet malt with grapefruit hints from the hops infused.  Very little alcohol bite to this beer but being a DIPA it is heavier in alcohol than most IPA’s. While I could not find what the actual ABV was, it definitely is a normal strong beer.  The finish on this beer was slightly pepper-metallic. Overall, a great limited edition from Rahr.

Hopheads, this is a must to find and try this season. Last year, the Visionary was very limited and flew under the radar of most. The Bock offering two years ago was plentiful and was found for six months. This year remains to be seen but you may want to try it quickly. If you have an open Saturday afternoon or Wednesday night, a trip to the brewery for a sampling could not hurt. If your schedule does not allow that, try looking at your local watering hole or beer store because this is a grand beer and supplies are limited.


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