Meat Fight Madness In Trinity Groves A Beefy Success

MEATFIGHT2013_Nicholas McWhirter_110Nicholas McWhirter

by Steven Doyle

Meat Fight 2013 sold out in mere minutes. The is the beefy extravaganza that took place last night at Four Corners Brewing Company and is the brainchild of one Alice and Mike Laussade. You know her as the award winning  columnist for the Dallas Observer. The event raise $50,000 that will be sent to National MS Society for research into that cause. The chefs that participated were strong and broken into competing teams made up of Brian C. Luscher, Jeana Johnson, Jeff Bekavac, Omar Flores, Chad Houser, David Uygur, Jeffery C. Hobbs, Anastacia Quinones, Tiffany Derry, Nathan Tate, Eric Dreyer, Cody Sharp, all hot-shot meat experts from the Dallas area.

I was excited to get a call a mere few moments before the sold out event started from Jon Alexis from TJ’s Seafood Market who invited me to use one of his tickets that opened up suddenly. Alexis supplied the salmon, which was used as a wild card category for the evening.   

MEATFIGHT2013_Nicholas McWhirter_009Nicholas McWhirter

The event was judged by a panel of meat enthusiast including one Nick Offerman who plays Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation. His character on the program enjoys a paleo diet sans the vegetables. Offerman was generous with the crowd who all wanted to include him in the Meat Fight selfies that exploded on Facebook for most of the evening. Offerman also came in handy when it came time to judge a special beard contest.

After tasting the varieties of smoked meats from the various teams the awards were announced with Brian Luscher winning the brisket category this year. The winning tea overall had chefs that took individual prizes in including Tiffany Derry for her salmon, Nathan Tate for his amazing sausage (enter joke here), and Cody Sharp for his take on ribs.

MEATFIGHT2013_Nicholas McWhirter_089Nicholas McWhirter

We have plenty of photos that the Laussade’s graciously provided us today. I want to personally thank the photographers Catherine Downes, Robert Strickland and Nicholas McWhirter.

MEATFIGHT2013_Nicholas McWhirter_069Nicholas McWhirter

MEATFIGHT2013_Nicholas McWhirter_027Nicholas McWhirter

MEATFIGHT2013_RobertStrickland_029Robert Strickland

MEATFIGHT2013_Nicholas McWhirter_060Nicholas McWhirter

MEATFIGHT2013_RobertStrickland_010Robert Strickland

MEATFIGHT2013_Nicholas McWhirter_019Nicholas McWhirter

MEATFIGHT2013_Nicholas McWhirter_075

Nicholas McWhirter

MEATFIGHT2013_Nicholas McWhirter_007

Nicholas McWhirter

MEATFIGHT2013_Nicholas McWhirter_030Nicholas McWhirter

MEATFIGHT2013_Nicholas McWhirter_066Nicholas McWhirter

MEATFIGHT2013_Nicholas McWhirter_076Nicholas McWhirter

MEATFIGHT2013_Nicholas McWhirter_108Nicholas McWhirter

MEATFIGHT2013_Catherine Downes_20000101_0057Catherine Downes

MEATFIGHT2013_Nicholas McWhirter_084Nicholas McWirter


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  1. notice chef hobbs getting crispy skin on his salmon? that was a really expert touch right there.

  2. Lee

    I think I just found that missing bottle of Knob Creek…

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