Help Build The Crave Pizza At Bryan Street Tavern And Win A Party

bryan streetby Steven Doyle

One of of our very favorite pizzas in Dallas comes out of a kitchen in a dive bar in Dallas. Bryan Street Tavern is the home of some fantastic kicked up bar fare, but the pizza is why so many go to this neighborhood tavern. That, and the wall of tasty local craft beers. It is definitely a weekly go to spot for me.

Some time back the owners of Bryan Street Tavern invited me to come up with a pizza combination that they could name craveDFW. Flattered, I started working on a recipe of toppings. I consulted some chef buddies over many Velvet Hammers and shots of Tullamore DEW. We had pie charts, graphs and even a flow chart that detailed how the pizza would be made. In the end I suffered the frustration that I wasn’t happy with any of the ideas that would take on crave’s name.   

Our struggle is your gain. We are asking the readers to come up with the perfect list of toppings for crave. We will select the top entries and have them made for our staff to sample. The winning entry will receive a free pizza party for you and a group of your friends. Along with the pizza we are told that Velvet Hammer will be served , as well as a few other fun surprises. You will also get some pretty cool bragging rights and a story in craveDFW.

We suggest you look at the menu at Bryan Street Tavern to see what they have already, plus look at other ingredients used in their kitchen for help. If you care to taste the pizza,  today (every Monday) it is half price. May the best pizza win. To enter merely list your ingredient combination below.



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10 responses to “Help Build The Crave Pizza At Bryan Street Tavern And Win A Party

  1. Susan E.

    Thinly sliced boneless buffalo wings, french-fried onions and mushrooms, mozzarella, provel, roasted peppers and tomatoes.

  2. Timberly

    Only in Dallas — the BST BIG D. A 19″ crust piled high with smoked Bacon and Jimmy’s mild Italian sausage on Garlic oil sauce served with a side of ranch dressing for Dipping.

  3. Sally M.

    I love the corn dogs at Bryan St. How about combining corn dogs and wings into a pizza?

  4. Mark Blanchard

    A pastrami sandwich pizza.

  5. Pepperoni, Jimmy’s Sausage Blend, Caramelized Onion, Caramelized Mushroom, Fried Artichoke Hearts, Green Olives, with Mozzarella and Marinara Sauce

  6. Kimberly

    thin crust
    Pepperoni , Italian sausage , bacon, Canadian bacon, hamburger ,caramelized onions, jalapeños , black olives, roasted Garlic,fresh basil for me YUM

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  8. Susan E

    Winner selected?

  9. Susan E

    I’m thinking this went away for other reasons. Emailed SD several times but no answer. Crave Pizza wasn’t meant to be, I guess.

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