Pat’s Sold To Firebird Restaurant Group *Updated*

cheesefries1by Steven Doyle

On December 10, 2013 I reported that Pat Snuffer, along with his son, Patrick Snuffer and long time partner Steve Cole were being sued to block the opening of their new restaurant Pat’s Burger and Cheddar Fries on Greenville Avenue. This was after Snuffer relinquished his namesake restaurants through bankruptcy court to Firebird Restaurant Group.

On December 9 the court issued a temporary restraining order to block further construction on the Greenville Avenue restaurant and was asked to return to court and a hearing was set for last Thursday, December 19. Friday my inbox was deluged with information that Snuffer sold the new business and building to Firebird.  

I spoke with Snuffer this morning who said he would neither confirm or deny the sale, and a call to Firebird’s PR firm resulted in a message stating that a press release would be sent out later today. I will update this accordingly once we have received that release.

Update: As we broke the story this morning, we now have confirmation that indeed Pat’s will now become property of Firebird. Attorneyfor Snuffer, Larry Friedman said that “The Greenville Avenue location will wind up being a Snuffer’s restaurant and Pat Snuffer will live to thrive another day,” and that “He will be entering the marketplace very quickly with an exciting new concept.”



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4 responses to “Pat’s Sold To Firebird Restaurant Group *Updated*

  1. I think the real question is “Does it matter” With all the upper end burger places in DFW, is Snuffers or Pats relevant? Unless they radically change something I would say “NO”.

  2. Gus Mit

    Or maybe just the opposite, with Snuffers around do you really need all the new “upper end” burger places ? Its just a burger and making the setting something fancy doesnt add to the burger except the price, burgers are good, even bad burgers, making them fancy is really just show business

    • Irodguy

      Agreed but in this case it’s the taste and quality of the meat. Just about any of the new updated burger places have higher quality meat, fresh ground and better toppings. It all depends on what you are going for. If you are going for a “good old burger” there are places that do it better. If you are talking high quality meat and toppings again places that do it better. Snuffers rocked at one time, but now? An example was today, Hopdaddy had a line out the door, snuffers one block away had nobody.

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