I Will Be Guest Bartender At Outpost Weds, Jan 8 And You Are Invited

bartenderby Steven Doyle

Recently we announced that Outpost on Beckley, which was opened by the design dream team John Paul Valverde and Miguel Vicens, was taken over by Compound Restaurant Management, the same folks who own Bolsa and Smoke as well as many other fine dining establishments in Oak Cliff and West Dallas.  There has been a heavy push to see that the tiny eatery succeeds, and the menu was quickly revamped by Smoke super star chef Tim Byres. In addition, the new owners have employed local musicians to fill the smallish space, as well as Gong Show style comedic karaoke nights.

The plan has been working, and Outpost has made a positive turn-around.   

isaacIsaac, my favorite bartender, will not be in attendance 

I was approached last week by one of outpost owners Chris Zielke who asked if I would perform cocktail duties tomorrow night for a weekly local celebrity cocktail event. Of course I agreed. I was not the only person to agree to do this, and will be followed by many local personalities in coming weeks such as Oh Brownie owner Iris McCallister, Jimbo Wallace the bass player from Rev Horton Heat, and many others Outpost has yet to announce. We will keep you updated on future bartenders.

As for my duties tomorrow, the shift is from 6 to 8pm. I will have at least three tasty beverages to offer and will enlist several folks from the legit bar community to guide me with my selections. I have also requested that Outpost have Velvet Hammer on tap. This isn’t my first stint as a bartender at one of Zielke’s restaurants. Several years ago I was behind the bar for an entire evening at Bolsa working with both Jason Kosmas and Eddie “Lucky” Campbell. It is not an easy task, to be sure.

I will be donating my extremely hefty appearance fee (that may or may not exist) and any tips proffered to Cafe Momentum. Please come out and have a cocktail, poke fun at me, make me muddle till my hands bleed, insist I juggle bottles behind my back, watch me eat fire, tell me your sad tales of woe, show some skin, or just have fun. Some or none of these things will happen or sure. The excitement starts at 6pm at 1115 North Beckley, and I need your help to make these two hours successful.

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