Chef Tim Byres Boiled Some Bugs This Weekend

DSC01233by Steven Doyle

This past weekend was filled with outdoor parties and merriment with small festivals and crawfish boils on nearly every street corner. Sunday looked a bit precarious with the early morning and afternoon rain, but just before the doors opened at Chicken Scratch, the skies opened and the music began to blare. The Zydeco Kings took their cue from nature and began to tap out some righteous tunes all the while chef Tim Byres did his thing al fresco, grilling oysters, boil up mud bugs and stirring the proverbial creole pot of gumbo. This was a celebration that most assuredly pleased King Creole himself.    



These are the things that make springtime extra special. The crowds soon swelled, and the short line for provisions so relented and snaked around the Chicken Scratch compound. But that was just fine because everyone was smiling, enjoying complimentary Stoli Moscow Mules, and otherwise engaged in lighthearted conversation that some times proved a bit difficult as the band wailed in the confines of the bar.

On tap for the day was a selection of Peticolas brews, in addition to their regular line up. This meant Velvet Hammer for many, including myself.





I was particularly happy to see the Queen Shucker and Chocolate Diva, Katherine Clapner joining in for the cause, knocking out oysters ready for the grill at a record pace. There was absolutely nothing wrong with this day.

The line continued well into the evening, with cheers of an occasional “aiyeeeee” bellied up by one or more of the revelers.


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