Afrah In Richardson Moving To New, Larger Digs

DSC02598by Steven Doyle

One of the best lunch deals around is at Afrah, located on Main in Richardson just a stones throw from from Little Chinatown near Greenville Avenue. There is hardly a lunch buffet as grand and delicious as Afrah’s, which is laden with grilled meats, kabobs, delicious veggies and so much more, and all for ten dollars. The space is a bit cramped, and a bit worse for wear and tear, but it didn’t stop the eternal loud mouth of Guy Fieri from tearing through the menu at breakneck speed. It is indeed an amazing spot for your Mediterranean fix.

Things at Afrah are about to get better as they make plans to move very soon to the new building being erected next door. It looks more like a temple than a restaurant, but now the owners will be able to play host for large parties and events.   


If you are looking for the very best shawarma in Dallas, or a tasty shish-tawook, Afrah is your place for dinner tonight. Check out the funky vibe before it gets all fancy pants.




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3 responses to “Afrah In Richardson Moving To New, Larger Digs

  1. Ma

    This is one of our favorite places in town.

  2. CT

    Great news indeed!

  3. Leah crosbie

    I totally disagree with all the prais this place got. On our one visit over there the only thing that was good was the pita bread.
    We had the chicken and beef shawarma and it was so dry and tasteless that we almost returned it. Everything else was just bland and was just a poor suggestion to what middleastren food should taste like.

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