The Moose Report – Eating Competition At Taco Joint July 4

jointby Alex “Moose” Perez

The Taco Joint which is located just off Mockingbird Ln. in Dallas will be hosting its 3rd Annual Taco Eating Competition.  This  is always a spectacle to watch as competitors were given the opportunity to chomp down on as many of Taco Joint tacos as they could get down their gullet in a specified time.  Last year as soon as the winner was crowned he was quick to lean over the guard rail and release the winning tacos, much to the crowd’s dismay.  For sure nothing anyone wants to witness, but it is part of what makes these competitions so entertaining to witness.

We shall see what other lovely surprises the competition has waiting for us this year.  

The taco eating competition is reserved for the first ten people who sign-up, therefore make sure to sign up in person as quick as possible.  The winner not only grabs bragging right,s but takes home a lovely Taco Joint plaque.  The competition is to be held the 4th of July at 12:30pm sharp.

You think you have the guts and glory to wolf down a belly full of tacos?  Taco Joint wants you then.  Come out and witness another Dallas based eating competition.

Taco Joint 6434 E Mockingbird, Dallas 214.821.8226


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