Nyotaimori Night at SISU

nyotaimori_sushi1by Steven Doyle

There is plenty going on at SISU, including the fairly new cordoned off area for food trucks that appear daily, the lux pool and cabanas, a decent line up on the menu of some relaxed spa type items and pizzas, and of course the hot Texas nights which includes electrifying DJ’s and bottle service.

Last night we received a photo from a reader with a message that SISU now had “naked sushi” or nyotaimori as it is labeled in Japan. This is the practice of service sushi and sashimi directly off the body parts of a naked woman, which has been banned for health and moral reasons in some parts of the world, including China. 

A quick phone call to SISU confirmed that they had a nyotaimori party last evening, but it was a one time event. That is too bad, we were actually looking forward to the possibility of a naked pizza party cabana-side.

IMG_121713050430502Scene from SISU’s party last night


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One response to “Nyotaimori Night at SISU

  1. CMS

    As if women are not degraded and objectified enough in the service industry…

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