The 2014 Definitive List Of The Best Hot Dogs In Dallas

dogby Steven Doyle

It has been a year since we revised our best hot dog list, and the list changed dramatically. Today we have bigger and better options when it comes to the reliable tube steak. Check out our list of favorites and enjoy all these dogs during National Hot Dog Month:

Luscher’s Post Oak Red Hots:  You might know Brian Luscher; chef, charcuterie maven, owner of The Grape. Just last year he moved into a new arena when he devised the Post Oak Red Hot. This snappy and delicious rendition is part of a full line up of dog related bites that includes an oak smoked hot dog made with locally raised meats. You can also find hand-made accouterments  to devise your own Chi Dog including sport peppers, spicy brown mustard and sweet and hot cucumbers. The dog is sold by the chef at the White Rock Local Market at Green Spot  on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays, 8am to 1pm, and the White Rock Local Market at Lakeside on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays, 8am to 1pm. For take home goodness try checking out Bolsa Mercado and the Green Grocer.  Luscher’s is the Holy Grail of Dallas dogs.

luscher'sLuscher’s Post Oak Red Hots

Hofmann’s Hots: these babies are an East Coast phenomenon that has been made since 1879, but it wasn’t until Phil Romano was involved before it became a retail outlet with the very first in Trinity Groves in Dallas. The dogs are custom made with a fresh bun baked in house daily and grilled on each side ala lobster roll. There are loads of ways you might taste your dog, but we like the chili dog which is one of the very best in the city.   There is also a kielbasa option for those wanting a spicier wiener.


The Ivy Tavern: Besides having a pretty terrific beer selection and a very strong frozen margarita on tap, enjoy the dog at The Ivy Tavern. This bit of happiness on a bun is made with Nathan’s jumbo and topped with pickle relish, onion, mustard, and jalapenos. Make it extra delicious with chili, cheese, and onion and a side of their chili cheese fries.

Old World Sausage Company: This is the home to the Chicago Dog. The sweet woman who owns the restaurant in Shed 2 at the Dallas Farmers Market takes great pride in continuing Adrianne Capua’s late husband Al’s vision of bringing a sweet slice of Chicago to their adopted city. The plump dog is made with a ration of neon green relish, spicy mustard, sport peppers and celery salt. You will love what have done with this dog. Read about Old World’s Reuben here.

angry dogKnife and Fork at Angry Dog

Angry Dog:  With the very name of what you sell in your title you must be great, or go home. Angry Dog supplies its patrons with a fat, sloppy mess of a dog replete with plenty of chili and cheese. It is one of the best in Dallas and a must for anyone hunting down a dog.

Wild About Harry’s:  Besides a fantastic selection of custard, there are in equal amount of dogs to choose from including the New York (spicy mustard, sauerkraut and onions) and the Knox Street (1000 island, sauerkraut , Swiss cheese). Look for a new location opening soon in Deep Ellum.

Jerry’s Wood Fired Dogs: Although a chain from California, and the first outpost outside that state, Jerry’s is a custom made dog that has a true bite and snap. You can order the wood-fired dog to order using dozens of ingredients at no extra charge. The wood makes the difference.

Jerrys-Wood-Fired-DogsSmell The Smoke on Jerry’s Wood Fired

Kenny’s Burger Joint: Although their main concentration is the burger, and a damned fine one at that, Kenny’s makes a delicious dog that can be dressed in a few ways that makes this dog more than a meal, but also a full time commitment that could make your girlfriend jealous.

Kenny's Burger Joint (11)

Ballpark at Arlington: The Boomstick is another Woolly Mammoth of a hot dog. Found only at the Ballpark, and their new food truck, this dog breaks all the rules by offering an enormous dog made by Ranger god, Nolan Ryan himself. Named after the bat used by Texas Rangers slugger Nelson Cruz, the $26 Boomstick is a 2-foot all-beef hot dog, smothered in chili, nacho cheese, jalapenos and caramelized onions, all on top of a massive potato bun. The whole thing weighs in at 3 pounds.

hot dog

Twisted Root: A local chain that serves up an incredible dog. We might even appreciate the hot dog more than the burgers which they are bets known for in Dallas. The dogs come loaded with more ingredients than you might actually need, and we love when they opt to bacon wrap a dog just before they are given a deep fried treatment.

bowl and barrelGood Dog at Bowl and Barrel

Bowl and Barrel: The menu at Bowl and Barrel escapes most critics in Dallas, but we can assure you that it is well worth chewing your way through. The dog is especially wonderful, and is actually a custom made version made locally from Rudolph’s Meat Market in Deep Ellum. The dog is insane, and barks with a vicious bite to match. Big, meaty and snappy, just what your mother warned you about.


Samson’s Gourmet Dog’s: In addition to the delicious dogs with a huge bite, Samson’s also offer salads and wraps. Samson’s opens early to offer up breakfast wraps, and one particularly fine banana bread pudding that is oozing in goodness. Check out all the dogs here, including one concocted in-house for our vegan friends. Look for the Samson’s Food Truck!


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