Kate Weiser Opening Her Chocolate Shop August 19th

DSC03535by Steven Doyle

Your wait for something terrifically sweet is nearly over. What has been almost two years in the making is about to come to fruition in Trinity Groves. When chocolatier Kate Weiser opens her doors August 19th it will have much the same wonderment of Wonkaland when Gene Wilder waved his cane as the flowing colors of sweets sparkled in the eyes of the children who stood in glee.

We were able to slow Kate down just for a moment this week to chat a bit about her grand opening. That in itself is a feat of magic since she is highhandedly orchestrating the operations with her tiny band of pastry chefs. Kate is a human dynamo, packed with energy with on setting: full steam. Read on for our chat with Kate.  


You are opening on August 19th, what do you have waiting for us?

Oh my gosh, it is going to be a rocking place. It is French macarons, and we are going to be doing Maclairs, which is an eclair macaron hybrid. It’s the new cronut. Sure it is, ha! But you can come in and build your own selection of 24 flavors with different sizes of hand painted chocolates. I made one that is Texas Peaches which is a chocolate peach shell with marshmallow inside. It’s things of dreams. Oh, I have these hand crafted candy bars. They are layered with different textures. Those are really, really good.

Anything we will be really excited about?

I have this Kate-E-Trail which is the trail mix Snickers-type caramel with peanut butter. There’s like three puns in that name. My all time favorite is the Passion Praline Bar, its got like everything in it. My favorite is the Passion Praline, made with passion fruit pate de fruit, passion fruit ganache, cornflake crunch and hazelnut gianduja. 


Perhaps a Crave Bar?

Oooh, yea, like I crave you, eh I will figure it out. We are really corny in here.

You are spinning your own brand of ice cream?

Oh, god. the ice cream is by far the best ice cream ever. I can’t stop eating it. I love the dark chocolate ice cream. We use a 85% Valrhona chocolate, only the best ingredients. It is the smoothest, velvety texture. Ad now we are making ice cream for Souk, Baboush, Assension, and a few other places. We will do this for any restaurant with a two and a half gallon minimum. Parties, weddings.

What the heck is a K Dub?

Basically what it is at the first of each month you get a K Dub kit. In these  kits are whatever I want to create for the month. It will be completely off the menu, and gives me a chance to be the most creative. Confections, chocolates, it might be macarons, something totally off the wall, and you never know what you are going to get. You won’t have to become a member, and can buy the individual kit for$50, but the price gets better the longer you commit. And if you are a member, you get a free box of chocolates on your birthday, maybe a hug, a tasting with Kate, maybe a shout out on Facebook.




Anything spectacular for the grand opening?

We don’t really have a party planned, but I know I am going to be drinking champagne. Stop by and I will pour a glass for you. It’s been a year and a half in the making and I am really excited.

Kate , we re so excited about your first store and wish you the very best. 



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