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DSC04391by Steven Doyle

Last Sunday Dallas had a glimpse of the current contestants in the ongoing Kitchen LTO chef challenge. The winner of the challenge becomes the next LTO executive chef and gains control of the kitchen for four months, writing out their own menu, presenting their unique culinary concept.


Chefs in the running include Blythe Beck, a veteran Dallas chef, and star of her own television program (and another one in the works). She does well with her “upscale Southern cuisine”. Beck also introduced us to her fiance. Congratulations, Blythe!

DSC04380Blythe Beck posing at the LTO meet and greet last Sunday

The current permanent sous chef at LTO has also tossed her toque in the ring and is hoping for your vote for her proposed Northern Mediterranean cuisine. Megan Potts has a terrific background working at some terrific restaurants, including Redd in Napa Valley.

Also vying for your votes include Alex Forsythe who works as executive chef at Executive Chef Services. Forsythe has a proposed Americana menu.  If you are in the mood for Italian, vote for Joe Letteri who moved to Dallas from Italy just a few short years ago. He is a private chef working at his own company called Simplicity Chef. However, for those craving a bit of Mexican food, vote for Humberto Lira who most recently was the sous at Mexican Sugar.

The match looks exciting, but nothing happens until you vote. Check out the Kitchen LTO website to cast your daily vote.

The current LTO chef, Brook Egger, has been sending out her take on what she calls Urban Regional Cuisine. For those that still have not sample her fare, you have a few weeks remaining. We loved her billion dollar burger.

Megan Potts pictured above making her potato gnocchi 


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