Dude, Where’s My Art?

DSC_0194by Steven Doyle

How does a painting that measures 6 feet by 8 feet and valued at $2500 come up missing from a restaurant that stays open 24 hours a day? That’s the question that artist Robbie Conover is asking after his painting came up missing from Pop Diner recently. The 24-hour Uptown diner located across from the West Village has art work on consignment from the artist, a practice that many restaurants use to not only fill their walls with art at no cost, but also promotes local and aspiring artists. It is a win-win situation. That is until one of the pieces comes up missing.  

For now there has been no explanation from the owners of Pop Diner. Pleas from the Conover and his fans on Facebook have been seemingly dismissed. Our calls to Pop Diner’s owners have not been returned.


The piece is difficult to miss with its bright colors filled with various pop figures including Mighty Mouse, Superman and Princess Leia the Star Wars icon. The word “pop” is also emblazoned across the face of the canvass.



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6 responses to “Dude, Where’s My Art?

  1. Good riddance.

  2. You will probably find it where he left his integrity and all those plagiarized paintings he sold and created.

  3. Robbie is always in some drama on Facebook about someone stealing a piece of his art. The latest drama was a whinny post where he accused a previous “friend” of stealing a “valued at $1850.00” piece of art for $50. How does someone end up with your art work for $50? Very very odd gentleman. I dont know how he has not been accused of plagiarizing. Most of his pop art are of other artist concepts. Maybe Karma is catching up.

  4. Trevor

    Chad Marcus Whyrick is unstable and offensive and needs help !

  5. Jennifer Serpico-Lopez

    Robbie stole my money! I paid for a painting and after 21 days I had to beg for my money back, after 30 days still no painting and no refund. he is a thief!!!

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