Prestonhollow Village Announces First Line Of Restaurant Openings

prestonhollow villageby Steven Doyle

Prestonhollow Village is cause for plenty of murmuring, and for good reason. The beautification of the huge strip of land along Central at Walnut Hill gives great promise. Hundreds of new living spaces, hopping opportunities, professional services, and most importantly… restaurants. Although we will be seeing more of the same, this will give some an opportunity to enjoy what more adventurous city travelers have known about all along. 

The development sends word today that we should look for  Blue Sushi Sake Grill, Modmarket, Pakpao, and Vertskebap. This will be the second Blue Fish in Texas. Modmarket is blowing up all over Texas and is from Colorado that serves up inexpensive, healthy meal options. Pakpao is planning several openings, the next one will be in this complex late 2014, followed by a Plano outpost in 2015. Then we have te Austin-based Vertskebap which is setting up shop everywhere.

I addition to all this, with more on the way, look for a Trader Joes.

Something shiny this way comes.


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