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Blue Sushi Sake Opening in Dallas Uptown 2017


Flagship Restaurant Group, based in Omaha, Nebraska, today announced confirmed plans to open its newest Dallas location of Blue Sushi Sake Grill, fall 2017. Located in the Uptown neighborhood at 3230 McKinney Avenue, the restaurant will mark the group’s third Blue location in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

Flagship Restaurant Group chief executive officer, Nick Hogan, says the restaurant group has had its sights set on Uptown for a while. “I have no doubt Blue’s lively bar scene and variety of sushi will position Blue as an ideal happy hour and late-night spot for Uptown residents.”   Continue reading

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Blue Sushi Sake Grill Scores Well in Dallas and Fort Worth

blueby Steven Doyle

Dallas may not be known as the sushi capitol of the world, but be there no doubt we love the stuff. Seriously, we enjoy sushi and there are growing options. One of those new options includes a growing chain of restaurants, Blue Sushi Sake Grill located in the Preston Hollow complex on Walnut Hill and Central Expressway.  As many may note we do not typically entertain chains and prefer local options due to the lack of quality control among a few other notions, but Blue Sushi Sake Grill  tears down this wall by hiring well and insisting on the freshest ingredients.   Continue reading

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Prestonhollow Village Announces First Line Of Restaurant Openings

prestonhollow villageby Steven Doyle

Prestonhollow Village is cause for plenty of murmuring, and for good reason. The beautification of the huge strip of land along Central at Walnut Hill gives great promise. Hundreds of new living spaces, hopping opportunities, professional services, and most importantly… restaurants. Although we will be seeing more of the same, this will give some an opportunity to enjoy what more adventurous city travelers have known about all along.  Continue reading

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