Scotch Drinkers — Don’t Miss This Event

Scotchby Andrew Chalk

We are about to have one of the best Scotch tasting events of the year. Next Wednesday, February 25th March 11th between 6pm and 8pm Sigel’s is holding a tasting of at least 65 different scotches (blended and single malt) at their Greenville Avenue store. The number will likely be over 65 as wine and spirit director, Jasper Russo, is still working on attendees as you read this.

The way it will work is as follows. You walk in and get a “Passport” which entitles you to sample from the tasting booths set up around the store. Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commision (TABC) rules limit each person to 20 pours. So you can’t taste all 65 and I would pick out what you want to taste, then winnow it back to 20 and work your way around those. Representatives from the distillers will be serving the whiskies so it is a chance to ask questions as well.  

The great thing about such a wide choice is that you can get a meaningful picture of a category. For my part, I want to better understand those edge-case peaty monsters of the Scottish protected region of Islay. I have had Laphroaig and Ardbeg, they are stellar, and they have encouraged me to seek out the lesser known examples from this fascinating island off the coast of Western Scotland. Without an event like this, I couldn’t compare them and then buy them at a discount (special discount pricing will be in effect).

This event is likely to be popular (I foresee an annual destination event), so RSVP to to guarantee your place. Also, Uber and Lyft eliminate the anxiety of driving, are easy to get on a Wednesday night, and let you enjoy the glorious Scotch.


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  1. Update: postponed until March 11th due to weather. Same time and place.

  2. FYI: the text has been corrected to reflect the correct date so ignore my comment. Thks!

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