Eat Me: The Cheeseburger at Remedy

20150301_154237_1by Steven Doyle

The hunt for the best burger is never ending, and most usually pleasurable. The latest burger sampling was this past weekend at Remedy, that wonderful new restaurant on lower  Greenville Avenue, next to its sister restaurant, HG Sply.  Besides having a fantastic cocktail program, Remedy makes one of the best renditions of fried chicken in this city. Seriously, Confit Amish Fried Chicken? Yes, it is spectacular. Yesterday was our first chance to taste the burger, which I have been hearing so much about. The taste definitely lived up to the hype. 

With its all star kitchen staff it would seem impossible to lose on a great burger. But many chef driven burgers are over-done with giant slabs of beef and crazy toppings. Remedy keeps it simple, and stays true to its soda shop mantra. Definitely check out an egg cream when placing your order, you will be pleasantly comforted. You will also get a choice of the tomato soup or a side of fries with the burger. As I have had the fries, which are extremely well made, I went for the tomato soup. Plus, you know, it’s chilly outside and it took the edge off of the winter’s breath.


The burger is made up of Kansas City Kobe beef, American cheese, house dill pickles, sweet onion, shredded lettuce, local tomatoes and a  creamy mustard on a griddled challah bun. Sounds basic, and it is. But the burger itself is super juiced up, especially when cooked medium rare. And with the addition of the creamy mustard, you will find yourself asking for additional napkins.The challah bun holds up extremely well to the massive amounts of juiciness you will encounter, mostly due to that grilling the bun receives.

While you are there you might want to take on a sampling of pies. Bring several friends so you can taste one of each of the daily offerings. If you arrive solo just go with the coconut. It will make our day ever so complete.

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