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The news came out recently that Scardello is working on an expansion project at the new Dallas Farmers Market and will be part of the indoor shopping and dining experience called The Market (formerly known as Shed 2).

There are loads of great vendors that will make coming to the Farmer’s market a great experience. After grabbing fresh, local produce at The Shed (the Farmers Market’s outdoor area) you’ll be able to come into The Market for spices, fish and meats, soup stocks and even grab a coffee or Italian pastries and of course, cheese.  

Scardello’s end-cap will be packed with great handmade cheeses and other treats. They will be focusing even more on Texas and domestic cheeses, than they currently do at the Oak Lawn location. Scardello will also be serving a few beers and wines on tap to enjoy as you shop in The Market or to relax with at their small bar that will run alongside the space. They will have grab-and-go sandwiches and cheese plates as well.  The Market will be opening in June.

scardello dfm

You don’t have to wait until then to get great Texas cheese. Scardello has a new one in the case from Eric and Karen of Caprino Royale in Waco. Isidro is done in the style of Garrotxa. It has a plush rind of grey molds. Inside the paste is insanely moist and buttery. The flavors are complex with a milky tanginess that gives way to a long sweet note.

Eric and Karen have been working on a whole series of Spanish style cheeses which include Dos Manados, a mixed milk cheese (Goat/Cow) with similarities to Iberico and Santiago a 100% goat milk Manchego-style cheese.

Isidro culminates a journey of several years of experimentation. I remember when Karen first mentioned wanting to do something like Garrotxa and her concern over getting the right molds for the rind. With this first batch of their new cheese, you can trace it’s roots to the original, but Caprino Royale has made something completely their own and completely Texan.

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