Eat Me: Do It Murph-Style Burger From OSK

burgerby Steven Doyle

Check and restaurateur Nick Badovinus is a busy guy these days. He is opening what appears to be a slew of restaurants including one in the Design District called Town Hearth, another where Spoon was located called Montlake Cut, and of course he is moving his fame burger stop Off-Site Kitchen to Trinity Groves where we will enjoy larger digs and longer hours.

For now, if you want to take a giant bite of the Do It Murph-Style burger (roasted jalapeno, smoked bacon relish, slice of American and secret sauce) you will need to be on the cusp of the Design District any day except Sunday around lunch time. For many that is a near impossibility. That will soon change. For now, you can lust after what we have here. We list this burger as the very best in Dallas, along with any other sane food writer in the Dallas area (and possibly the less sane as well). It is just that good.  

You will not find a half pound of exotic beef, but instead you will experience good quality meat in a proper portion (order a double or more if you must), a fantastic bun that holds up to the task, and a smattering of interesting accouterments. These patties are a quarter pound on-site ground Angus chuck roll and shoulder, and a fresh baked buns from Village Baking Company.


Not in the mood for a burger? There are a few other great items to choose from including a brisket sandwich and corned beef. The tacos are really good as well. There are chicken and turkey sandwiches which we hear are delicious, but we never make it past the burgers or corned beef. Really see little point, other than experimentation. Remember: this is home to the best burger in town.

In case you are wondering about the lead photo, this was when we ordered the burger to go and devoured it on the Peticolas Brewery tour, which is located about a quarter mile from Off-Site. The burger goes particularly well with the Velvet Hammer.

Th address is 2226 Irving Blvd in Dallas. The hours are from 10:30am to 3:30pm.

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