Eat Me: The Snookies Burger

DSC07438by Steven Doyle

In 1989 when Gene Street Jr. and Dace Street opened Snookies on Oak Lawn they most likely had no idea what an institution the bar would become. To this day they serve up one of the better chicken fried steaks in the old family Street tradition.

Checking in at Snookies recently with a hankering for one of their fine chicken fried steaks, a true plate hanger with a smooth and creamy gravy dotted with the appropriate amount of cracked black pepper, I was diverted by one of the long time staffers, Caroline Belfour who insisted I try out the burger. She waxed gingerly how the hand formed meat patty and all the accouterments were made in house. This included a special spicy sauce that should be doused into the catsup for an extra tang with the hand-cut fries.


When ordering the fries, you may wish to consider a half and half option of onion rings and fries. Great way to go, and both are obviously made in-house.

The burger choices are many, I went with a ground beef burger which weighs in at a half pound, but you could also select bison, turkey or a veggie patty. The flame roasted poblano peppers are a great addition as well. And check out the vast real cheese selections.

She wasn’t wrong. The burger was definitely world class, and took my mind off what I truly came in for to begin with: the chicken fried steak. Perhaps I saved a belt notch that evening, but I will be back soon for that gravy laden chicken fried steak.


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