Bark Chocolate Moving Into Dallas Farmers Market

DSC06605by Steven Doyle


Plenty has transpired in the life of Katy Priore since we first reported that she started up her delicious local chocolate company, Bark back in May of 2012. It was then she premiered her pretty packages of tasty chocolate treats that come complete with tiny blessings from the chocolatier. Since that day she grew to the point where the best local shops wanted to carry her product, including Carbone’s, Bolsa Mercado, the Joule Dallas and many of the hot spots around Dallas.   

This past weekend Priore signed a lease with her partners at the Dallas Farmers Market where she will set up shop selling Bark, along with many other local chocolatesq. This will be a boon for those with a sweet tooth and the desire for a one stop shop for all their local favorite treats.


We will have more information very soon as to which chocolates she will be carrying at her new location, but Priore said it will be the very best that Dallas has to offer.

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