Sugar Skull Cafe Has Bad Ass Tacos In Trinity Groves

sopeby Steven Doyle

We spent some time visiting some of the Trinity Groves hot spots this weekend including the new Sugar Skull Cafe. This is a fast casual restaurant that rests at the end of the East aisle in  the front of the complex next to the very popular Resto Gastro Bistro. Sugar Skull offers a nice line up of tacos, breakfast items, and sides such as fundido, elotes and churros.  




The price point is one of the very best in Trinity Groves with tacos starting at $2.25, but the more gourmet versions will set you back about a buck and a half more. Well worth the extra cost considering the top of the line fillings you have to choose from, including one extremely bountiful shrimp taco. Probably the very best version of the shrimp taco in Dallas, with a bit of spice on the shrimp prepare on a plancha.

Tortillas are a specialty here and are pressed from house-made masa. A rarity these days where most who make their tortillas with pre-made masa. This means they are grinding corn in the back for more flavor and freshness.

sugar skull

Coffee is supplied by Ascension, and they also have their espresso which is a good thing. Other beverages include frozen margaritas and a selection of beer and sodas.

Sugar Skull is an early riser, open most days at 7am except on weekends where they sleep in an extra hour and open at 8am.  We recommend the migas, but for those watching their figures you can go simple with a cup of coffee and house made pan dulce. Who are we kidding, the chilaquiles are much more satisfying.


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    This looks and likely tastes a lot better than what El Zacapu in Irving has.

  2. KA Tieszen

    Tried this on a whim Saturday for an early lunch. I was pleased with the price point, and especially noted the tenderness in the Barbacoa….

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